If you’re a fan of anime and manga, then you know all about Tiger and Bunny. The series is about the adventures of two young cats named Taro and Honey as they fight against evil in their every day lives. The show’s second season has come out, and if you’re wondering how it compares to the first, read on for our review.

Episode One: Tiger and Bunny Team Up

Tiger and Bunny team up for the first time in this new season. The two are forced to work together when they are assigned to stop a group of criminals from stealing an experimental weapon from a research lab.

The duo quickly realizes that working together is the key to success, and they begin to develop a close friendship as they fight against their common enemy. In the end, Tiger and Bunny are successful in stopping the criminals and protecting the lab’s research.

Episode Two: The Search for the Tiger’s Cub

The second episode of the fourth season of “Tiger and Bunny” starts out with Tiger and Bunny trying to find the tiger’s cub, which was stolen by a band of pirates. They go through different locations looking for it, but they can’t seem to find it. In the end, they are able to get their hands on the cub and bring him back to his mother.

Episode Three: A Case of Identity

In “A Case of Identity”, the third episode of Tiger and Bunny, Fuu and Kenichi confront an individual who has taken on their identities. The individual is a criminal mastermind known as the Mask Maker, and he’s using Fuu and Kenichi’s faces to commit crimes. In order to stop him, Fuu and Kenichi need to track down the Mask Maker’s hidden base.

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The Mask Maker’s base is located in a dark alleyway, and it takes Fuu and Kenichi some time to find it. Once they do, they infiltrate the base and confront the Mask Maker himself. Although they’re able to take him down, it turns out that he was just a pawn in the larger scheme. The real mastermind behind the Mask Maker’s crimes is someone else entirely…

Episode Four: Showdown at the Safari Park

In Episode Four of “Tiger and Bunny,” the titular tiger and rabbit team up to take on a group of evil park visitors. The villains are plotting to release a dangerous animal into the park, and it’s up to Tiger and Bunny to stop them.

The episode is packed with action, from Tiger and Bunny’s fight against the villains in the safari park to their chase through the city. The duo even has to face off against each other in one final showdown, which is sure to send chills down viewers' spines.

Overall, “Tiger and Bunny” continues to be an exciting and entertaining show. Episode Four is no exception, and fans will not be disappointed by this latest installment.

Episode Five: The Big Game

Episode Five of Tiger and Bunny features the finals of the Big Game. Though Yajiro is confident, Kuroki is determined to beat him. Meanwhile, when Mousse announces that he’s quitting basketball, Kitty is upset and begs him not to go.

The game progresses with both teams trading blows until Yajiro scores a dramatic basket to give Tigers the lead. With less than two minutes remaining, Kuroki comes back strong and ties the game up. With time running out, Tigers goes on a decisive run led by Mousse who scores several clutch baskets. In the end, Tigers beats Kuroki 64-60 in an exciting final game.


Overall, I thought the second season of Tiger and Bunny was a lot better than the first. The characters were more likable, the story was more interesting, and the action scenes were much more exciting. Although there were some minor issues (most notably how poorly certain plot points were resolved), overall I thought it was well worth watching. So if you’re looking for an anime to watch during summertime, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.

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